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We at Spark Electrical Service Inc., employ experienced and licensed commercial electrician experts to work on our team. Our commercial electricians have been working on complex projects for years, and to no surprise, a very length record of complete customer satisfaction. 

We provide a wide range of service, which includes: 

  1. Installations of wiring and electrical components such as lights and switches
  2. Maintaining electrical system
  3. Ensuring electrical systems are sure and good working condition
  4. Reading and using technical drawings
  5. Planning electrical system for new connection
  6. Using and following state and national guidelines for wiring and electrical system

For years now, we have been providing extensive industrial electrician services to countless business owners in California. We have lived up to the expectations of our customers because our services are budget-friendly and fast. You can get in touch with our experts to get a quote for your next project. We have a dedicated customer support team on standby to answer any of your questions. If you need to hire a commercial construction electrician, call or email our team today for the best rates, or you can simply schedule an appointment at your convenience directly through our website. 

So, if you are searching for experts because you are in need of commercial electrical services for a restaurant, shopping mall, or office building, Spark Electrical Service Inc. is the right choice for you!

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Certified Electrician

At Spark Electrical Service Inc., we have been operating in the electrical business for several years now, and we provide you a wide range of safe, professional electrical services. Our experts are there to help you with any kind of electrical problem you could possibly be dealing with. Whatever your electrical needs, we have got you covered. You must be careful, as many companies and electricians are uncertified and can pose a danger to your home due to lack of adequate knowledge and improper techniques. When hiring Spark Electrical, the master electrician that shows up at your project is certified and has been trained the right way to ensure safety and proper techniques!

We understand and realize that electrical problems are serious, and they need to be addressed  with the utmost safety and precision. Even something as simple as installing a ceiling fan or an electric bulb, or especially complex tasks like wiring and electrical installations, these must all be handled by a trained professional. That is where we come in. Each technician on our team is  experienced, and takes their job very seriously. 

We have a dedicated customer service team that is available for you to get in touch with 24/7, any time of day or night should you need emergency assistance. We also provide an entire list  of all the expenses that may occur when hiring our service. There are never any hidden costs that you will have to worry about because you know everything up front, in detail before moving forward. 

A full list of the services we offer is available on our website, or feel free to schedule an appointment and speak to our experts directly to learn more. Spark Electrical Service Inc. is the electrician contractors and small businesses choose for all their electrical needs!